Chicken Thighs

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I love to debone the thighs, cut the meat into cubes and than saute to make chicken burritos, last time I did, I made a bunch of freezer chicken burritos


Shake and bake them with seasoning. And bake at 375 for like 25-30 mins. Yum


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I think one of the best simple and delicious foods is just crispy skin baked chicken thighs. You can eat them as is, or pull the meat and skin and make whatever you want out of that. All I do is put salt, pepper, and some olive oil on them and stick them in the oven skin side up at 425F for about 20 mins (long enough to crisp up the skin) and then lower the heat to 350F and cook them for about 20 more mins. No flipping, no trimming of fat (the fat makes it even better), and nothing else, really. I’ve yet to serve the “dish” even one time where guests didn’t really like it. Some optional fresh lemon squeezed over them is even better. Leftovers are delicious as is, or repurposed for something else.


Hungarian paprikash.