China’s first quarter GDP beats expectations to grow 4.8% year-on-year

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There’s a global conspiracy spanning 3 decades involving the Chinese government, every Chinese person you’ve ever met, every single other government that China trades with, every economic think tank, every single multinational bank, every single multinational corporation, NASA, and the atmosphere itself, to make China’s GDP figures look higher than they really are.


Chinese manufacturing is growing? Cool Chinese trade skyrocketed? Yeah Chinese consumer spending increased? Okay Chinese GDP grew? Conspiracy, they must be faking it!


I don’t see why this is surprising considering the absolute huge rise in US imports and the choking of global shipping with overwhelming volume. I mean we weren’t shipping hopes and dreams.


This is good news! A strong China fuels (burns? Lol) a strong global economy. China is basically the worlds factory, (materials go in, products come out) we need that bad boy up and running.


Given how far behind they are to completely industrializing, you’d damn sure hope they can still squeeze 4.8% YoY growth. They are toast if they can’t. Good number all things considered given Covid.