‘Click to Cancel’ legislation introduced in Pennsylvania

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Many times it starts with a “free trial” to hook you in. They can make it quite an ordeal to cancel too, sounds like good news!


Huh color me surprised, a bill that actually makes sense…


This will work too well for the comfort of some large tech companies. Expect the lobbyists for subscription services to work hard at convincing these lawmakers not to pass this. For this reason, don’t be surprised if this bill never goes up for a vote.


Long over due. Audible has been charging me for years and every time I try to cancel, they just resub me so now I have to charge back every month for a service I don’t use.


***”Cancelling something at the push of a button could lead to total anarchy!”*** ***”What about the people who’s jobs this might affect by not having to call in?!”*** – some politician in Pennsylvania, probably.