Could psychedelics be used to treat mental health disorders – Studies show that some hallucinogenic drugs can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and addiction – and stop spiralling negative thoughts

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Yes, I think more scientific studies need to be done. Right now with everything I think we should start trying


They, like all drugs, are a double edged sword. Psychedelics can cause psychosis in people predisposed to it.


Just over a year ago I lost my grandmother, a dear friend to heroin, my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me, and I lost my home. I was in a very dark place. I’ve struggled with depression for years, I was honestly so used to it that I didn’t realize I was experiencing it. I was just totally numb, but after going through all that I started to lose my control over my mental state. I was at a friends and I just wanted to have a chill night and hang out, we ate some mushrooms. What happened that night was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. The world of psychedelics is hard to describe because logic and ordinary consciousness go out the window. I went to lay down because it was getting overwhelming, and I experienced these tentacles massaging my brain and squeezing it out like it was a dirty sponge. Every time it squeezed my brain I could see dark liquid coming out. That went on for hours until I fell asleep. The next few months we’re absolutely amazing. It was like all the weight I was carrying around was lifted from my shoulders. I was much more social and I was doing things that I wouldn’t typically do, due to my anxiety. Those few months were absolutely amazing, I felt unstoppable. Eventually everything did wind down, but honestly I blame that on seasonal depression. Winter hits and I start to lose my tranquillity. I will say I’ve done mushrooms probably 20 times and nothing like this has ever happened from prior experiences. In fact I’ve had some where I felt more depressed in the coming weeks but it eventually lifted. Do with that information what you will, but they are definitely worth studying. They can show you things you don’t want to see, or things you’ve been running from. Those things are always something that you should be facing and handling through healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.


They work. 2 magic mushroom trips and I lost my addiction to cocaine. Coming up on 2 years now.


That has been known for at least 30 years