Dell’s Proprietary DDR5 Module Locks Out User Upgrades

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HP pulled this kind of shit in the early 90’s – embedded an extra chip in “genuine” RAM so their servers wouldn’t start if you had non genuine RAM in them. It didn’t end well for them, from memory. Wait for the lawsuits from third party memory vendors…


See there are some things I can totally accept with modern electronics design, things like integrating everything possible into one SOC, or soldering memory modules to the pcb. These things take space, and can be more effective if integrated. But to go out of your way as a company to design a product that required a proprietary form factor, instead of just soldering the chips in is absolutely nonsensical. Either have lpddr slots, or just don’t have it be upgradable without a rework station, but this halfassed approach is dumb


Dell takes a page from the Apple product design manual.


I have a GE fridge that comes with a RFID chip on the water filter. It forces me to buy a GE filter w/ RFID chip (at 4x the cost of generic filter) every 6 months or I’m don’t get any water/ ice. They take my water ingestion seriously.


Manufacturers need to stop trying to make lightweight desktop replacements.