Dogs have probably prevented more suicides then humans have

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This is the most delusional thing I’ve seen on Reddit in a while


Not true… You stepped on the whole profession of doctors


Probably not, but a totally nihilistic view of human relationships is Very Reddit.


I would add other animals to that as well. I had an incredibly close bond with the little cat I had as a kid and I don’t think I’d be here without her. Animals can provide so much unconditional support.


I had a cat who saved my life as a teenager, I was very suicidal and cutting very misunderstood confused no guidance very much alone. My cat was so loving, she would run across the house when I called her, she was a beautiful Lil creature, super sweet, so funny things that’d make me laugh, she’d get dragged around by her scruff by my rowdy unruly puppy and she wouldn’t react (btw he was a Chihuahua) She Only thing around me that didn’t try hurt me, at that point in time, I cried when coyotes got her but I still would wait on the deck waiting for her to come home. I miss her everyday but I know she’s still with me 💖🌹 I have a dog now and he’s absolutely amazing he’s a German Shepard gorgeous boy, really smart always looks into my eyes to see how I’m feeling. I don’t talk much about my feelings (weird for a woman I know) But he is there for me just by being there, licks my face guards me, snuggles, we share a special hug I bend down hug his chest, wrap my arms around him he’ll sit there patiently…….Swear we don’t deserve dogs!