DOJ Urged to Probe Whether Trump ‘Willfully Mutilated and Destroyed’ Jan. 6 Call Logs | Two groups assert that the former president “engaged in a pattern of conduct throughout his tenure in office that violated his record-keeping obligations under the Presidential Records Act.”

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The former president engaged a pattern of conduct throughout his entire life that violated every standard of human decency.


So they determine he willfully destroyed his call logs. Then what? We’re finding out that many of the ‘laws’ that Trump clearly broke have no provisions for punishment.


Every day another headline of wrongdoing and/or illegality. And nothing happens. Imagine if you committed just one of the many heinous things the trump crime family has- I guarantee you’d have paid the price. The oligarchy can’t be more obvious. And it’s not just trump. There are two realities in this country- one where you can do anything without consequence (more or less) and then the rest of us. I don’t think anything is going to change without something I’ll be banned for suggesting.


I think that he believed that as president he was above the law


I hate to sound so pessimistic but will they actually DO anything if they find he did violate his record keeping obligations? Seems he has a lot of people in government who will do anything to not have him charged.