Florida judge overturns CDC mask mandate for public transit, planes

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It’s not a Florida judge, it’s a federal judge in Florida. Big difference


The American Bar Association (ABA) rated Mizelle “Not Qualified” to serve as a federal trial court judge, noting that “Since her admission to the bar Ms. Mizelle has not tried a case, civil or criminal, as lead or co-counsel. Shocking.


This was one of the numerous Trump appointed judges that the ABA rated as not qualified (which they don’t often do). As a side note, I think the mandate was due to expire soon-ish anyway.


At this point, all restrictions should be dropped and normal life should resume. We’re over 2 years into covid. Many restrictions (masks, social distancing, etc.) made sense prior to vaccines and therapeutics. But those advocating for further restrictions at this point appear to be advocating for indefinite restrictions. The vast majority of people are against this.


On a plane now, they announced at gate and on the plane that masks are optional.