France seizes Roman Abramovich’s $98 million luxury château amid crackdown on 12 of his properties, a report says

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Yachts, 12 properties, frozen bank accts in Jersey, football club…. How much money does this guy have..!? Edit: 33 properties


Can we also seize all the properties of Marine Le Pen ?


All the oligarchs have the same wealth strategy: buy mansions abroad, yachts, and use multiple bank accounts set up for their family members to hide assets. European and North American oligarchs (our billionaires are not really any different) have to use holding and limited legal liability companies to hide and shield assets so they are legally untouchable. They still do the same thing though: accumulate more property, land, business and other methods of generating wealth, creating influence and concentrating power. These people are mini-kings who hold enough wealth to sway the nation in favor of a particular person, either directly through state sponsored propaganda or their own mixed media misinformation. The super-wealthy are useful in autocracies but antithetical to democracies.


Almost feel bad for the guy. Pals with Ukrainian president, tries to reach agreement, gets poisoned, assets in the West seized, potentially facing arrest back home… Almost.


I feel like 80% of what I’m reading that’s being seized from oligarchs belongs to this guy. Is he such a big deal when it comes to the oligarchs or is it just bad luck for him?