Fuck religious parents

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Yeah…some idiot tried saying “Jesus is watching you” to a mentally ill child in my care once. This child had severe auditory hallucinations and had a behavior spiral after that idiot tried to use Jesus instead of correcting the behavior. Ugh…another idiot decided to talk about Jesus raising people from the dead to a kid whose parent was dying of a terminal illness. That kid spent weeks praying for their parent to be saved from the cancer eating them from the inside. Guess how well that worked? It did result in a coworker needing surgery on their hand after the kid smashed it in a door. I ended up having to construct a report begging the facility to distinguish between soul healing and mental health healing if they insisted on indoctrinating mental ill children. Gross.


Now I want to know what the “bad” word was. Education? Exercise?


I think regardless of whether you are a theist or not it’s just freaking traumatizing to tell kids their whole lives that someone is watching them every minute of every day. People need privacy and space. Plus, it’s lazy parenting. I talk to my kid about bad words and how they aren’t always appropriate.


I’d rather not. Too much post coital sin regret and shame from them.


Slurs I can get, since it has been historically been used to specifically show others as lower, but swear words? It doesn’t sound to me like some slur, it sounds like they just said something like “fuck” and got bombarded for it