Germans unwavering against calls to cut Russian fuel imports immediately

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As a German, what surprises me most is how people here effectively behave like “terrible war, but it’s far away really and live goes on”. Like, there’s a nuclear superpower with a quite objectively unhinged dictator, with an i-don’t-give-zero-fucks-about-anything attitude (which appears to be pervasive in the entire country actually) waging a land war which has been continually escalating in a distance that’s comparable to the distance to Madrid/Spain, and people don’t worry about potential further escalation??? I mean yeah the economy is important but we’re fucking close really to this war and there appears a realistic possibility that this escalates to a NATO war. Wouldn’t it make sense to try whatever we can to stop this before it escalates to where we’re getting drawn in??? I mean if Putin starts throwing tactical nukes f ex we’re more fucked than what the economy would take if we immediately stopped paying them any more money.


I don’t know why this isn’t the wake up call to so many that we need to really start digging into an alternative source of energy


Insanely stupid takes all around in this thread, it’s almost impressive.


But Germany IS working on reducing the imports and is actively looking for alternatives. They deserved all the shit they got early on, but it does seem they woke the fuck up. I’d myself would love the entire EU to cut Russian resources off, but… …I think Ukraine kinda needs allies who are actually functional right now.


At this point it should be clear that Germany will not be able go along any time soon, so why are other countries stalling? Just go ahead without Germany.