Has the RNC effectively ended the era of presidential debates?

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So weird that anyone would even consider voting for a candidate at this level that refuses to take questions from the public.


The RNC is just now willing to admit publicly what they have long ago admitted privately, that they have no interest in democracy, compromise and negotiation. They want to inflict their way of life on the country and they don’t care how much of a minority they are. They seek power and will do anything to achieve or retain that power. Even if that means they have to drag the country into a other civil war. The mistake of democrats and independents was not believing them, when they showed you what they were.


This is what happens when liars are fact-checked. They make it so they no longer have to be in a position where they’re forced to defend the indefensible.


They should still have them and republicans can decide to join or not. To just cancel them because republicans say so is fucked up. Let’s not normalize this shit.


Jon Ossoff is our Senator in GA because Perdue bailed on a debate – turned the race around and Perdue never recovered. I say keep scheduling them and have cardboard stand ups for those who side step them