Hello atheists or non believers from the US

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Legit first proposition on this sub that’s piqued my interest.


I’d love to live in Europe. But relocating there isn’t as easy or simple as just moving.


A Nazification is becoming more and more invasive in Murica. The hatred of our Talibangelicals is beyond repulsive. Gotta be honest: I’m considering options.


I have lived most of my life in relatively secular areas of the United States. The urban northeast is pretty secular. Pretty much nobody I socialize with on a regular basis is religious, or if they are, they wear it very lightly. Also, it’s not exactly simple or easy to emigrate to another country.


Where I live, the evangelical christians are CRAZY! This week, I had a christian tell me that she believes in unicorns and dragons because they’re in the Bible…she was in her 50s. I would love to live in a place where people believe in evolution instead of unicorns!