How do I (22) get over the feeling of wanting to spend more just because I make more?

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You need something to save for. Aimlessly spending daily will suck up A LOT of your money. Whats your goal? New car, a fat down payment on a house? Just find something you personally want to save for and you will save.


Personally I’d just up my 401k contributions. It is always easier for me to spend less if there is less in my liquid accounts. This strategy only really works as long as you are responsible with credit.


Normally people say avoid lifestyle creep at all costs, but I don’t think that’s a good way to go about it when going from 28k to 60k. For one, lifestyle on 28k sounds pretty destitute, and two you are jumping to slightly over twice your old salary, at that sort of jump, you can absolutely afford to live more expensive, and still save way more (both as a % and as a number). In a situation like this, I would redesign my budget from scratch. Figure out what your saving goal is, then how much you need to save for that (per month) to achieve it in a desired timeframe. Then figure out what you mandatory living expenses are. What is left after the two is what you get to spend on things you want to, knowing it won’t hamper your saving goals, because this is within your calculation. And if you come in under that in a given month, well you saved more, good for you. Just avoid going over.


Do you use a budget?


lifestyle creep is a MFer. avoid it at all costs.