I asked my wife to dress up as a nurse tonight…

to fulfill my fantasy that we have health care

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My wife dressed up as a doctor last night for some role playing. She walked in, looked at a chart, didn’t look at me, and now I have a 2k bill since she is not accepting my insurance.


I am sorry, is this an American joke I am to ‘member of any other adavnced country’ to understand?


You think she is going to walk into the room in that starched white outfit with fishnet stockings. Instead, she walks in wearing scrubs blotted with piss, puss, vomit, shit, blood, and other less identifiable fluids. You either lose your nurse fetish, or gain a few more.


She said she would be right with me and then I sat on the couch and read a People magazine from 2018 for almost two hours.


She made me sit in another room for two hours.