I can’t decide between two job offers, any advice is appreciated.

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Chicago and Chicago suburbs will obviously be significantly cheaper, so you’ll have a lot more extra cash, but money isn’t everything, especially after a certain pay range. If you really crave that West Coast lifestyle, the sun and sand year round type weather, take it! You only live once and you are young, so you’ll have plenty of time to make a better financial move later in life.


Unless bonus rules are in contract, I would not count bonuses. They can and will change them.


You’d need to make 125 or more to get close to living as comfortably as the 83K in the Chicago burbs. Probably alot more. There is something to be said about knocking this kinda stuff off your bucket list early. I did my 8 years in NYC when I was younger and left the city with 0 savings but a ton of experience (and experiences).


California cost of living is insane in the membrane. Take the Chicago one.