I feel so unsafe as a gay person around religious people, mainly Christians and I can barely handle it

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People=shit. This grooming bullshit is just the most recent culture war talking point. As usual eventually the conservatives get destroyed with logic and stop screaming that stupidity and move on to something else. It’s nearly identical to the whole CRT crap which is now abandoned entirely. Time will not wait for conservatives. We will progress as we always have. Don’t lose hope. Above all, stay safe! ❤


You need to find your people and get far away from toxic religious people. You are wonderful just the way you are. You are beautiful and don’t need to deal with that shit. Get away from those people if you can and find people like me who can affirm you.


They hate people different from them because they’re small-minded bigots, and use religion as a justification for it.


Thankfully not all the world is like that. Just hang on till you’re an adult and have your independence. Then you can move somewhere less backwards and do *whatever* you want with *whoever* you want!


Just remind them you hang round with less dudes than Jesus did.