I have the first English translation (2021) of the only eyewitness account of the famous “Attack of the Dead Men” from “The Defense of the Fortress Osowiec” (1915). I would like to share it with you all.

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Op, this is an amazing story, thank you very much for sharing it. Though, at the risk of coming off as rude, it is very difficult to read in it’s current format. I took the liberty of reformatting it and breaking it down into smaller, more consistent paragraphs below if anyone would like to read it or if it needs to be shared elsewhere. Hope it helps!


Thank you for sharing this piece of history


Osowiec then and again, attack of the dead, 100 men


I was pretty sure that many Russians knew about “the attack of the dead men”. I asked four of my colleagues (we are all Russians). None of them has heard of it. Though they heard about chemical weapon usage in WWI in general.


Amazing bit of history. That Wikipedia stub needs to be updated with a condensed version of this translation.