I simply need to earn more money. I’m 29, same job for 10 years, no career path, housing market is destroying my mental well-being.

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You’re barely above state minimum wage. If you can make that flipping burgers, surely there are better paying manufacturing options. You’re just going to have to find them. Everywhere is hiring right now.


I live in the Seattle area. South of Seattle (Sumner area), there are many warehouses that are currently actively looking for help for $20+/hour to start if you can handle the physical work. I personally work in the trades as a low voltage electrician. Some of the work is physical, but literally all building trades are hurting for workers. $20+/hr to start as an apprentice and 30+ after earning your license, and that’s as a non-union electrician. Union electricians can make much more, with 01 Journeymen easily pulling anywhere from high 5 figures to low 6. I was a scrub before I joined into a building trade, now I have a pretty stable and well paying career. I could make much more joining a union shop, but I personally like where I’m at. If you want to get into IT, being an hour from Seattle is a big step up already, and you don’t need schooling to do it. You can focus on getting Comptia Certificates on your own time and dime and see if IT is a good fit for you. Getting your A+ should get your foot in the door of an entry level IT position, from there, your possibilities can be limitless. Also, as a former smoker, consider making your own. Back when I smoked heavily, I bought an electronic cigarette machine and a lot of tubes off Amazon and made my own cigarettes with pipe tobacco. $300 a month turned into $30. The premades were better than what I was making, but not 10x the price better.


The manufacturing company I work for is paying $20/hr for new hires with no experience and offering a $1500 signing bonus with basically unlimited overtime. This is in the midwest, which I’m assuming is lower CoL. You can 100% find higher paying work without learning a trade or going back to school. The only marketable skills you need are the ability to pass a drug test and show up everyday.


Paying $145/mo for a phone is crazy. Go to r/nocontract and you’ll see plenty of options for $25 or less.


Start studying for the CompTIA A+ certification and start applying for help desk jobs (even without the cert you can still apply). To get the A+ cert, you essentially study any way you want to (you can buy a cheap course on a site like Udemy, or use videos on YouTube, or buy a book/PDF), then schedule the proctored exams, pass them, boom, you’re certified. I would start like now. No reason to wait any longer. I got the Security+ cert, started my first computer job (imagery analyst, not really IT), then got scouted for help desk (47k /yr), then 5 months later got 2 offers, one cyber one business IT, both for 72.5k. You can absolutely be in a completely different job a year from now.