I think I’m defecting from the housing market.

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Keep saving, but use a little of that money to get out of your house and do things.. zoos, children museums, trampoline parks, horse back riding, farms etc. ice cream shop visits, going to the movies, etc. Good restaurants, concerts, outside equipment like better strollers (depending on age), hiking shoes.


Don’t sweat it. Honestly it’s happening all over. Continue to save and put a little extra in the entertainment fund with the kids. Enjoy yourselves. Pay down any debts you have as well. The world isn’t going to end in 2 years. Nothing wrong with waiting it out. It sucks but that’s better than getting into something you can’t afford.


The market is starting to change. I suspect prices will remain high but multiple offers, offers tens of thousands over asking, relinquishing contingencies like appraisal and inspection are going to start to be less common. Houses will still sell fast, but not in a day, unless they are priced below market value. I’m in Mass and already see the tide shifting at my job as a real estate paralegal. More and more people are taking themselves out of the running like you. The more people who refuse to feed into the craziness the faster we will get back to “normal”.


We offered $150k over asking on a place today and still didn’t get it. I give up