If you’ve been alive for 24 years, you’ve already experienced 10% of U.S. history

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I’ve been alive for 24 years but I’ve never been to the US. How did I experience it?


Suck it nerd, I’ve experienced 14.25%.


Or 75% of modern Russia’s


My great-grandfather is a year older than my country.


A lot of countries are young when judged purely by their current borders and political structure. If you’re 24 you’ve experienced… 75% of German history (since reunification in 1990). 37% of French history (since the establishment of the Fifth Republic in 1958). 35% of South Korean history (since the end of “hot” portion of the Korean war). Of course, human history has been ongoing for thousands of years in all of these places, just like in the present-day United States. Edit: minor typos.