“Interactivity” (2021) In 2017, Amy Stacey Curtis was debilitated by brain injury caused by Lyme Disease. Progressing from wheelchair, to walker, back to my feet, She has presented new concepts with help from my local community. From 1998 to 2016, I completed an 18-year project, 9 solo.. [00:12:09]

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OK, after a few readings of the title, I understand one way of interpreting this that makes sense. But it’s weird. Bear with me. —- In 2017, Amy had Lyme disease which gave her a brain injury. She had to use a wheelchair, but then proceeded to a walker. Unfortunately, due to infection, her feet fell off in 2019. However, since I – u/WesternMainiac1 – have the same blood type, doctors determined I’m a suitable donor. So I donated my feet to her, and after an extended recovery she was able to walk again. She then moved to my neighborhood, and – with help from my local community in the form of a donated megaphone – presented some new concepts down at the town square. Incidentally, as a jazz trumpeter, I spent 1998 to 2016 working on a new album with my band. The album contains 9 tracks, and I have a trumpet solo on each of them.


What sucks is there’s a vaccine for Lyme Disease, but it’s hard to get since it isn’t deemed very profitable


So aside from the first person third person flip flop, what the fuck is up with those dates


This account just spams self promotion and pretends to be the subjects of the video. Report.