It’s time for Sen. Dianne Feinstein — and a few others — to go

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Honestly, I consider it a irresponsible to get that old and not have multiple mentored replacements for leadership positions.


RBG ruined her legacy by not retiring everything she cared about will be overturned. 75 should be the cap on age for any political or Supreme Court job. We have a minimum age to be president when we should have a maximum age instead.


A “few” others? The average age of the house is 58.3 and the Senate is 63.9. Last election we had a choice between a 74 and 78 year old President. If these people worked in the private sector, they would have been forced to retire years ago. Most of them need to go.


It’s more than a few. There should be a fail safe switch on all of government so, on a vote, we can vote to reset the whole thing.


Cap everything governmental at 75. If you still want to work, go to the private sector.