Jewish group demands Le Pen remove ‘white supremacist dog whistle’

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But, but but. That is ALL LE PEN IS!!! she has been a white supremacist dog whistle for decades. I do not know why some people even consider her. That’s like admitting that you are somewhat discriminatory yourse…..lf… oooohhh!


Le Pen is a xenophobic fascist I’m as appalled by her appeal in france as I am Trump in the US France please make the right choice, you fought nazis in the past


Le Pen is a Putin’s lap dog! Why would anyone vote for her.


The far right is humanity’s enemy. Do not allow them to have even a little power. They will abuse it and they will terrorize anyone they don’t like.


I still don’t understand why that is “white supremacist” gesture. I’ve seen people use it for decades, and none of them were supremacist, some of them weren’t even white. I understand why Nazi salute is a wrong thing to do, because people that were using it committed horrific crimes, but “ok” gesture? It sounds like a joke. People should just stop giving it attention, because to me it looks like a huge prank that went off rails. At the same time, fuck Le Pen. I have no idea how Putin lapdog gets this many votes when her owner is literally committing war crimes.