Kids must have frustrated dads by leaving candles lit in another room, racking up candle bills before electricity.

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…yeah, having to buy more candles is the worst thing that can happen if you leave a room with a burning candle


And logs in the fire. “Dang it Bobby, you think logs grow on trees?!”


“damn it boy, what have I told you about not putting your candle out. Do you pay the bills around here!?”


It’s kind of funny now having older people rant about a light being left on. With LEDs, a traditional 100w bulb only uses about 10 watts. At $0.10 per kWh, 10 hours of the light on costs a penny.


My mother always said this, she and her siblings had to rush to get homework done in the winter when it was dark by 4pm as candles were expensive to buy and so was lamp oil. After dinner they all sat by the light of the fire to save money. Summers were easier, obviously.