LPT: donate your used clothes and appliances to habitat for humanity. They wash clothes, fix appliances, and do much more for the community than goodwill.

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Also, for anyone who didn’t know, habitat for humanity doesn’t just build houses, they demolish them also, often part of the same project. Noone ever told me I would have gotten to destroy a house before building one or I would have signed up back in the day


Also, keep receipts for large donations and submit them come tax time.


Habitat for Humanity’s thrift stores (Re-Stores) are also great for buyers. Most thrift stores are like a clothing boutique; Re-Stores are like a Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you’re looking for larger furniture or appliances – or even construction materials – Re-Stores are an awesome resource.


Can confirm. I give everything to HFH. Their restore folks will come out and pick up just about anything.