LPT: enjoy and cherish every second you have with your children during the pre teen years. You will have spent 75%+ of the time you will ever spend with them up until then. Once their lives start, you will see them a fraction of the time over the course of the remainder of your life.

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Not only will this be the most time you spend with them but preteen time is the nicest they are going to be to you for awhile till they’re at least adults and maybe ever


I can remember as a kid when older people would say to me “it seems like just yesterday you were born, or something similar” and I was just like “ok sure”. Now i have a kid, and I get it. I feel like we just took first day of kindergarten pictures in the backyard yesterday, and now my daughter is about to go to third grade next school year.


And take lots of photos! Time moves fast and you can’t go back for a picture


Easier said than done