LPT: If a guy/girl rejects you, move on. Chances are the reason they said no to you would be the same reason why your relationship wouldn’t have worked out.

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The first sentence was all that was necessary. Many valid, and invalid, reasons for someone to reject you, but moving on is the correct response.


I agree but will add, the reason may not be the one they give you. Don’t try to change yourself for anyone. (That’s not saying you should never seek to improve yourself, but do that to be a better person, not to try to please someone who doesn’t like you.) – P.S. You can’t **and shouldn’t** force love on anyone.


But if it’s a hallmark movie it’s ok for the female lead to stalk the male and everything turns out ok for her


You mean I shouldn’t stalk them until they break down and give in… to kidnapping? Damn, my whole life is really upside down now. Alright, I’ll let them go…