LPT If somebody comes to your door selling a home security system and asks if you have one, always say yes.

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Also, don’t brag to the “salesperson” that you have guns to protect your home/family. My ex-father-in-law did this. And guess whose house was broken into a few weeks later, and what was stolen? You’re essentially giving them a list of what you own that’s worth stealing if you say this.




I pay to live in my house. I don’t have to open my door for anybody. If you aren’t paying my mortgage, I’m not opening the door for you.


When I was 8 or so, my mom had the garage door open and this man just walks right in and knocks on the door to the inside. My mom opens it, and he starts pushing her about a security system. She says she has one, but he just kept trying to get her to let him in. She was like no, and don’t enter peoples garages even if the door is open. Next thing you know, she throws my sis and me in the car and follows him. He goes to a neighbors house where only an old lady lives. Before the guy went to the door, my mom ran up and talked to the lady, but she still let the guy in. Every day, she would be outside watering her flowers at the same time. I saw this lady for years and years, and bam. After that day, never saw her watering plants again. I have no idea what happened, maybe nothing, but door to door security folks make my hair stand on need.