LPT: If you are flying with someone make sure to divide your clothes

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I always put two full outfits in my carryon in case a bag gets lost… or my connecting flight gets cancelled causing me to stay overnight and I don’t wanna drag my huge luggage to the airport hotel… (glares at O’Hare)


In theory this is a LPT but the practicality of this assumes you both share an equal love of clothes, equal packing proficiency & an equal sense of what not to put in luggage. With my spouse I most times end up repacking both bags so that there is not a massive overflow of stuff into my (folded to the density if Maplewood) bag. Went on a 10 day trip with a friend, I took a massive suitcase with all my clothes & a telescope. He took a single 1940’s case that was hand luggage suitable, with just a couple of changes of clothing.


Joey “Can I BE wearing any more of Chandler’s clothes?” Cross packing is good, but try the ‘up in the air’ movie methods and *do not check any bags*.


My carry on is already her 3rd bag