LPT: If you know someone who owns a business, don’t ask them for a discount on their services. You should support them instead of being a mooch!

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Me: A talented carpenter and handyman who has spent over 10 years honing my skills. My friends and family: “Hey DUDE, I’ll buy you a case of beer if you come do free labor at my house on one of your few days off!”


If an acquaintance wants to offer you a discount or a service for free, they’ll do it on their own. Asking for it is kind of shameful imo.


Acquaintances looking for a “bro deal”. My time and service is my money. Unless I offer you a deal, Take your hands out of my pocket.


Plumber and electrician here. It got so bad for me that I actually made a FB post saying that I can no longer do favors for ANYBODY. Posted my rates and said this is what everybody pays from now on. I went from getting asked a dozen times a week for favors to none. Saved myself like 30k a year in lost wages and have so much more free time. Best move ever.