LPT: Managers build employee loyalty to you, not to the company

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99.9% of the time people don’t quit companies, they quit managers.


Seems like your employer is getting a great deal from this situation.


I have a similar managerial style to you, but it doesn’t always work. I tried sending one of my employees home (with pay/not docking any form of PTO ) because of a death in their family and they called me unethical and reported me to HR lol. Some people are just weird. (HR also thought this person was being weird and backed me up 100%).


What do you do if an employee is underperforming? I ask this because I am in this situation. I recently became a team leader and managing the team is now my responsibility. And there is one colleague that’s part of my team that is underperforming really badly. He has been for almost 2 years in the team and his percormance is still entry level ( a 6 months old emoyee would outperform him). The issue is that in my country breaking indetermined time contracts is really hard and there would need to be a disciplinary case which is very complicated and thus avoided within the company. What do I do with such an employee? The eqsy way out would be him leaving but my target is to keep people within the team. How do I handle it so that I might get him to be productive?