LPT: Set all your autofill passwords with 1 digit too many, so when you go to login you press backspace once. If someone uses your computer and tries to log in, the password won’t work.

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Alternatively, use MFA and don’t leave your password manager unlocked


Don’t have the browser store your passwords. Like some have already mentioned use an external password manager which will require a password of some sort to even use. While Bitwarden is currently free that could change at any moment just like it did with LastPass. KeePass has always been free and has some mobile apps and extensions that can help integrate it into your ecosystem when paired with a cloud storage provider (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.).


This is actually a very good tip. Or alternately you can set it 1 digit short, so when you login you just add your favorite alphanumeric character at the end.


Don’t let your browser store your passwords. The master key is stored locally, and all passwords can be decrypted. Get a password manager like KeePass. Then, you, too, can have passwords that look like dk1S8g3WfTzIq94Yrbd_aVFclr or z5XDw67aLAOFnF7eYnK42fqang and my personal favorite j0WiF58WvX1JLY9UTDhK5oCH6S and all you had to do was use that one super weak password you know you shouldn’t be using, ‘sunglazed’