LPT: The moment you are taken into the police office for questioning, do not say anything to the police other than “Am I being detained or free to go?”, if they keep you then say “I want to speak to an attorney and will invoke my right to remain silent from here on.”

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This was taught in the intro to criminal justice class that I took as a freshman in college. Actually on the second day of class. The instructor was a a retired prosecutor. He said more than once “If you’re ever being questioned about any crime, the police are not your friends. One might try to make you think that they’re really on your side, but they never really are.” Lol that has always stuck with me. I’ve never been questioned about a crime, but if I am I won’t forget that. He also threw in stuff like if you’re pulled over for speeding or something else, the first question will usually be “do you know why I pulled you over?” According to what he said, the only correct response is “No.”


I wish drunk me would have listened to this type of advice. I wholeheartedly agree with this tip.


You have to say “I wish to invoke my right to speak to an attorney” if not they can hold it for _hours_ and then be like “he/she wasn’t clear enough so we didn’t know they wanted to exercise their rights” You can’t believe how picky they will get with your wording in order to not to help you.


Question. I don’t intend to commit crimes. So assuming I’m innocent, should I still clam up? What if I have a good alibi?