LPT: when having dinner at someone’s house, intentionally take smaller portions than you normally would. If you don’t like the meal you’ll be glad you don’t have too much, and if you do like it you can flatter the host by asking for more.

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Good luck trying that with my MIL! Me: I’d like two please MIL: you will have four


Plus it looks awful to have a huge pile of something and it runs out by the end. Just go smaller as a guest.


I usually just take a smaller portion so I can make sure everyone gets some in general. I hate when people are inconsiderate and take a ton and then it runs out without everyone getting some. I’ll also usually mainly go for the things that there’s the most of or things people don’t seem as interested in so I’m not eating a lot of the popular items. Going for seconds after everyone is served up is perfect though. I also feel like my family judges me for eating a lot anyway


I always get nervous especially since I’m a picky eater so I usually say no or leave