LPT: When you have landscapers, home renovators, handyman crews, etc doing extended projects at your house, get them cheap yet delicious breakfast as many mornings as you can.

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We had our quarter-acre lot landscaped several years ago, and it was an exceptionally hot summer. I kept the crew supplied with Gatorade and popsicles, and shamed the owner into giving them regular heat breaks. A few days after the job was finally completed, he showed up at our door with a gorgeous, huge ceramic pot that would look perfect next to the front door on the flagstones they’d laid. He told me the crew had pooled their money to buy it for me as a gift, and he wanted to be sure I understood that it was from them, not him or the company. It was such a sweet thing for those guys to do! It made me cry.


Seriously. Put a cooler out with soda and water. But then a couple pizzas once a week. Makes a world of difference if you need them to redo something that they did wrong


It’s almost as if we should be treating people like people…


Decades later I still remember the customers that I enjoyed working for – due to their general kindness, or because of things like these. The customers who would make me feel like I was charging too much for quality work (I definitely wasn’t, and they were trying to take advantage of a young kid starting a company) got one job completed by me. When they would call back for more work, I was too busy to help them with their projects.