LPT: You are under no obligation to talk to someone just because they started talking to you.

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You are under no obligation to do anything ever, as long as you are fine with the consequences of not doing it. I’m not making a facetious remark, this is an extremely important realization as a human being. Most people spend 90% of their energy on meaningless things they don’t even want to. There’s no god judging you, there’s no karma, no nothing.


I’m not talking to you


Ok but how do you get away from them without being rude? When I bump into coworkers I don’t mind saying hello hows it going but the conversation goes from one thing to the next and it’s been who knows how long, 15 minutes later? Now I try to avoid 2 of them specifically but they always seem to trap me. I’ve walked away to leave for the night after saying bye a couple of times when the guy even came out into the parking lot still trying to tell me the story even as I said “No no no I gotta go” and kept walking to my car.


**Try not to be an asshole, though**