Man told employer not to celebrate his birthday. He was awarded $450,000 after unwanted party.

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He was awarded $450,000 after being *fired* for complaining about it.


> Berling told his office manager that he did not want to celebrate his birthday because it would trigger a panic attack. > However, the company surprised him on his birthday with a celebration in the lunchroom. > Berling had a panic attack Fuck did they think was going to happen?!?!


> When the company, Gravity Diagnostics, ignored Kevin Berling’s request and had a surprise lunchtime celebration for him on Aug. 7, 2019, **he got upset, and days later, Berling was fired**, according to a lawsuit he filed against the company in a Kenton County court. >On March 31, a jury awarded him $450,000. The jury found that **Berling suffered an “adverse employment action” because of his anxiety disability**, court documents show. Misleading headline. The suit and the large award are because he was fired over his disability, not just because he was thrown a party he didn’t want.


This is like the /r/legaladvice thread where a pregnant woman, who had been harassed by her boss already for her religion, asked not to have a baby shower. And then her boss ignored her and threw her the baby shower anyway. And purposefully contaminated her food. All sorts of fucked up.


I’ve been at my job for 17 years. Every year they pass around this sheet to fill out for birthdays, so they can be sure to remember everyone’s birthday. For 17 years, I’ve passed the sheet on without filling it out. No one has ever noticed.