Market drops & volatility are opportunities for long term investors, not risks.

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I say invest as soon as you can and as often as you can. This way you can ignore what the market is doing and stick to your plan. Don’t get me wrong. When I see red I do get a little excited, but I stick to my plan.


Yes! Although I like to say that the market is on SALE!


Watched Warren Buffet talk about how he loves a good 20-30% drop. He looks at them as a big sale on stocks and a great buying opportunity.


People who call market drops “opportunities” confuse me. If you’re reallocating your portfolio that makes sense. If you’re using those times to put more money in the market… Where was that money before? Why wasn’t it invested already? It implies you just keep cash sitting around waiting for a market drop which is objectively the wrong way to invest


What fresh semantic hell is this? Volatility is both an opportunity and a risk, and in general, investment involves risk. Arguing otherwise wilfully ignores a rational analysis of the market.