My in laws tried to have my son baptized

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Well, that’s one way to never be invited again or allowed to babysit ever.


What’s wrong with letting a cult that worships both a human sacrifice and a pedophile perform an innocent ritual on a young king? /s


It should be illegal for the church to preform a baptism on a child without the parents consent. I’d sue.


Yikes. Time to set in-laws down and have the “we want you in our life” discussion. My entire family are devout Southern Baptist and Pentecostals. When I told them I was atheist it took years for them to come to terms with it, and since my daughter was born there have been some awkward convos for sure. The heaviest one came as an “I love you and want you in my life, but we have to respect each other’s beliefs”. I suggest talking face-to-face with only MIL and FIL, no kids present, and make sure you’re truly not angry anymore. Give them a chance to explain first and then ask them if it’s okay if you’re honest with them. Tell them you’re afraid that their actions made you feel like they don’t love you all for who you are or even respect you as parents. Explain that you’re okay with celebrating religious holidays with them, but you feel like they broke your trust by lying to you. Use their beliefs against them, do your research. Find passages about being accepting of others, kindness and honesty, and loving others first. Then ask them if they know the passages and then tell them that maybe in the future you will allow the kid to be curious and experience religion for themself, but not before it’s the kid’s choice. I explained to my daughter that church is for people who are scared of what they don’t know, and that being good for the sake of being a good human is better than thinking it will get you a prize. We talked about how there are all kinds of religions, I’ve bought her multi-culture books with Islamic, Hindu, and native folk tales. We have had talks about make-believe and reality. She understands that people can’t come back to life, that ghost aren’t real, and that magic and anything that looks like it is fantasy. Then I took her to church. She liked the singing. We came home and as we were doing bed routines she giggled. I asked her what was so funny and she said “They think there is a man living in the sky!”. We read Mo Willems books and she went to sleep- no questions. It can be done- don’t let them ruin their chance for your kid to love them. Even religious grandparents are better than empty seats during special moments.


Do they still use a squirt gun or is social distancing over?