My wife has to get surgery to replace a cracked tooth, but we can’t afford the $5k it’s going to cost to fix it. What can we do?

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Hate to say it but a lot of bad advice here. My wife is a dentist. And I just recently had the same thing happen to my tooth as your wife’s. Getting an implant done is a very long process. And yes it’s expensive. But it takes months and months. Just get the tooth out by an oral surgeon. You don’t need 5k for that. Pull the tooth and she’ll be out of pain in 3-4 days. Depending on which tooth it is you can decide from there. Mine is a tooth from the back and it’s been out for 6 months. Implant into the bone went in 2 months ago. I might get a tooth a couple months from now. Get her out of pain and go from there. It’s not an emergency, other than getting the tooth pulled.


Is there any reputable dental schools in the area? Where I live there’s an awesome one that people go to on occasions like this.


Where do you live and what are your incomes? Also, I know it’s not ideal, but the tooth removal would be only a few hundred, it’s putting the implant in that’s pricy. If she’s in extreme pain talk to the dentist about the removal and holding off on the replacement. I’m missing a molar from pretty much the same thing. Root canal cracked and replacements are pricey


I highly recommend looking at dentist offices in Mexico. Equal care and often much, much cheaper.


You should at least make an effort to speak to your provider about a payment plan. You can also reach out to other providers with the same request. Dentists need to be paid like everyone else but I don’t know too many of them that want their patients to go untreated. Good luck.