NASA to roll Artemis 1 moon rocket off the launch pad after failed fueling tries

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The taxpayers should be close to burning Boeing to the ground right now but instead will just shrug it off and accept that this acceptable.


Not fuel me once shame on you, not fuel me 3 times shame on Boeing.


What?!? Shocking. And back to the barn to troubleshoot and cost over-run yet again…


I’m confused. Is it really that difficult to put fuel in a rocket that it takes multiple tries… And they still fuck it up?


To everyone who apparently think this is as simple as filling up your gas tank at the shell, just remember what caused challenger to blow up. It was a tiny rubber substandard o-ring. These launches have massive consequences. Let’s not pretend we could have figured it out if we were there, or that nasa should be able to do these launches on the first attempt no matter what.