New generation of cancer-preventing vaccines could wipe out tumors before they form | Science | AAAS

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Image when people look back at our generation and wonder why we lived such short lives.


There are always so many new promising medicine in the field of medical oncology. Almost none of them actually work as promised and hoped for. I hope this one is different, but I’m sceptical


This is what Biontech is actually interested in. The COVID vaccine was derived from this research.


This sounds really promising!


To bad everyone who’s against mRNA vaccines will be deathly against this one too… As it’s modeled after the mRNA vaccines used to fight covid. Doctor: Hey I know you’re against these new mRNA vaccines but this could actually for real save your life from cancer. Anti-vaxxer : I DON’T CARE! I don’t trust it! I’ll take my chances with Cancer! Edit: Spelling