New research indicates women are more likely than men to engage in intimate partner cyberstalking, especially the passive and invasive forms.

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As a man who has been harassed and victimized by an ex online for six years now, I used cyberstalking for my master’s thesis. Doesn’t conflict with what I learned or what I’ve experienced. Women are more active on social media in general, though. Men are also less likely to perceive women’s behavior as threatening than the other way around, especially when it’s remote.


This is making excuses, although it probably isn’t wrong; >The authors had also hypothesized that a reason women engage in more cyberstalking is **that they want to prevent “mating mistakes”—which are often costlier for women than men—such as having sex with a partner who has a sexually transmitted disease or staying with a long-term mate who cheats and is unfaithful**. And the results showed that women engage in invasive cyberstalking (e.g., invading a romantic partner’s privacy) especially when they are “attempting to retain a long-term mate and attain a short-term mate.” Obviously this applies to men as well. Research shows men are more hurt and affected by breakups and actually tend to be affected for much longer, and they are still affected financially to a very considerable extent. So, the impact on males can also be severe, so there isn’t a particular ‘justification’ for doing it here to avoid cheating partners that would only apply to one group. Developing paranoia about your partner/potential partner is a real problem and needs treatment, but inquisitiveness or having some doubts you want to resolve is also adaptive when looking for mates that are not going to be dangerous ‘investments’ due to cheating. In some Asian countries it quite normal for families to arrange P.I.’s to investigate potential matches for arranged marriages since the entire family is making a costly investment.


It’s funny, there was a post that hit the front page of reddit on the tinder subreddit where a guy was complaining a date found his reddit profile. And it’s like “uhh yeah you sent her your “original” poetry of course she was gonna google it and find out you already posted it on reddit and go through your profile. But there definitely seemed to be a gender divide between women finding it slightly normal to look up and men finding it weirder to look up.


I cut off a toxic immature woman and she cyber stalked me for almost a year. Fake accounts, threatening texts from those “free texting apps” and using their friends phones to harass me…


“Cyberstalking” sounds as bad as regular stalking but I don’t think theyre nearly the same at all. Knowing how the risks of intimate partner violence affects women more than men, it makes sense that they would be more likely to do investigations into a partner, potential or otherwise.