PayPal scam? I was sent a dollar for no reason, now they are disputing it?

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Don’t interact with the other party at all unless it’s to direct them to paypal. If you interact keep all interactions on the paypal platform. Most likely it will resolve itself when the $1 doesn’t clear and disappears from your account. That can take a couple weeks


Be particularly careful of any PayPal links in your email now. This sounds like the start of a social engineering scam where they get access to your account by sending you an urgent email saying that you need to login to dispute the resolution of the dispute which awards them X more dollars from your account.


Can you call PayPal and tell them? Maybe they’ve heard of this scam. I can’t quite wrap my head around this one either


Just let Paypal handle everything. Who knows, maybe the other guy is honestly confused, maybe he isn’t. Just let Paypal sort it out and ignore him. You don’t have to call Paypal, let the other guy do that.


Sounds like a typical scam, but instead of $100 the scammer entered $1.00