Putin decorates brigade accused of committing Bucha massacre

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The moral decay starts at the top.


This isn’t surprising, but pretty much credits what most people reading any news already knew: Putin’s regime actively endorses and encourages war crimes.


>President Vladimir Putin gave a special elite designation to an army unit that Ukraine has accused of committing war crimes in the town of Bucha. > >Citing “mass heroism and valor” but making no mention of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the decree Putin signed Monday awarded the 64th Motorized Infantry Brigade the honorary title of Guards. > >Ukraine’s Defense Ministry earlier this month identified the unit as one involved in war crimes during the occupation of Bucha, a town that has drawn international attention for reports of Russian atrocities committed during the war. More than 350 bodies have so far been collected in the Kyiv suburb, with almost all of them shot, according to the chief of police of the capital region. > >As Russian troops withdrew from Bucha on April 1, photos and videos of indiscriminate shelling, mass graves, torture and executions of civilians caused a global outcry. U.S. and European officials have linked new sanctions targeting the Russian economy this month to evidence of war crimes. > >Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. > >In his only public comments so far on the alleged atrocities, Putin last week compared them to U.S. attacks on cities like Raqqa in Syria and then called the Bucha claims “fake.” > >Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called Russia’s invasion of his country a genocide, a statement later backed by U.S. President Joe Biden.


As long as Putin is alive, he will never stop wanting to seize Ukraine. True, Ukraine cannot live in peace as long as Putin is alive. The same is true of Europe as a whole. Putin is today’s Hitler.


Putin: I wish I can kill innocent men, women and kids myself. Job well done!