Rockstar edits out “transphobic” content from GTA V remasters. Apparent change comes after pressure from press, LGBTQ+ developers.

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Shooting people in the face is fine though. Seriously this shit is getting beyond a joke.


Remember when Rockstar used to be controversial?


I just want to say, as an LGBT player of GTA games (for the last 20 years), these people do not represent me If you can’t handle a video game taking the piss, or doing a stereotype, you are going to be really unprepared for the actual real world.


So we can murder innocent people, endorse crimes, drug use, being racist but lord have mercy there was “transphobic” content in the game. Holy fuck will just one dev grow a pair and release something without being afraid of being cancelled over nothingness. Edit: and now the woke ass mods have to lock the thread lol. These people are so soft its crazy.


Cool let’s sanitize negative character traits from fucking Grand Theft Auto. GTA6 is gonna have absolutely no teeth.