Russia central bank admits it’s struggling to find foreign-currency options as sanctions spur ‘structural transformation’

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*”Meanwhile, Nabiullina said it would take two years to pull inflation back to its 4% target and warned that the effects of sanctions are moving from financial markets to the real economy.”* RemindMe! 2 years “Does Russia still exist?”


Yeah, sanctions are causing ‘structural transformations’ to their economy like a couple Neptunes caused ‘structural transformations’ to their flagship


“We need to look toward the future, but at the moment I am struggling to give specific suggestions,” Nabiullia told a parliamentary committee in Moscow on Monday. “**The list of the countries issuing liquid reserve currencies is limited and they are the ones that have taken hostile measures and limited our access.**” Snicker Snicker, Yuk Yuk, Ha Ha…………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


As they should until every building in Ukraine is rebuilt and every displaced person is back home.


I didn’t know you could word “having your whole economy deservedly torpedoed over war” as “structural transformation”. Definitely sounds like what a kid would try to pull after being caught breaking something lmfao