Russian and Belarusian trucks formed a 50-mile queue at the Polish border while trying to leave the EU ahead of a ban deadline

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those russians sure do love their 50 mile long convoys


Yeah, but the last 10 miles are British people joining out of force of habit. Source- am British and would join queue


I’m sure the Polish border staff really work very hard to get as many trucks as possible over the border. I mean, they cannot be stalling?


I hope that the Poles have done a classic France and put one guy with a clipboard on the border post, with the instructions to inspect carefully every cargo and to take his mandatory alloted breaks in full. For a bonus, when they pass the inspection hand them a receipt and instructions to cross the border at the nominated exit point, three hundred miles north on a single-lane dirt track with no fuel or rest stops for the last third of the route.


Do the same thing Russians did to foreign planes, seize them.