Russian oligarch Suleyman Kerimov’s superyacht seized in Fiji

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I actually saw this thing cruising into Fiji a couple of days ago. Remarked to the dude I was flying with that I bet its a Russian oligarch fleeing justice and I hope it gets seized. What a pleasant surprise this is.


Does anyone know the superyacht market right now? Are prices going down? I’d be willing to pay actual US Dollars for that Usmanov one, for instance. Highest I can go is 3.50, though.


This is like a treasure hunt, everyone looking to seized a yacht


You can run but you can’t hide motherfucker! Now they should sink it.


Sell these seized yachts off. Then take the proceeds and give them to Ukranian refugees. Tell the Oligarchs this will stop when there are no more Ukranian refugees. As a bonus, keep track of who the money goes to and whch ship it came from then send thank-you cards to the oligarch who owned the yacht.